Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Snorkeling Sunabe Seawall

We spent a day this weekend taking a dear friend snorkeling one last time before she moves from Okinawa. Sunabe Seawall was absolutely glowing when we went! We had really forgotten how great it Sunabe could look. We were across from the water treatment plant dive spot and Bird Cage dive spot.

I do not know what treatment level this particular plant is or whether it's a potable water or waste water treatment plant which is laughably passive of me considering I have written reports in college about the risks that certain waste water treatment plants can pose. More specifically, water treatment plants have different levels of treatment. In California, where there used to be a significant number of secondary treatment water plants were found to be the cause of sea otters dying because of a parasite that attacked the brain which was found to be from cat fecal matter that was being flushed down the drain but not treated in the water. If I recall correctly, the only coastal water treatment plant in California that is still secondary treatment is in San Diego. Depending on the treatment level, certain viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, toxins, biologic matter, is not removed. 

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