Friday, August 2, 2013

Kadena Steps Diving

For the past few years Kadena Steps has been our go to location for easy diving. Kadena Steps is located north of Kadena Marina. You can turn left at the first or second light after Naval Kadena and you'll end up at the sea wall. There's a short set of stairs up and then the steps down to the water. If timed correctly, at high tide you can go down the stairs straight into the water, if you go during low tide you'll be walking on rocks and potentially on newly forming coral. This location is fairly easy to judge whether it's safe to get in. It can get to around 60 feet deep during high tide. We've spotted lion fish, moray eels, trumpet fish, small schools of fish, baby squid, cuttlefish, and a few other things here. The schools we've seen have never been more than around 50 members. Rumor has it you can spot rays here, we have yet to see one. 

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