About Us

This blog is meant to journal our adventures to share with family and friends. We currently reside on the lovely island of Okinawa, Japan moving here after six sunny years in San Diego. We have a passion for discovery and feel most at home by the sea. You can say we have this thing for diving. We've been married for over six years now.  We are also on a long journey to learning and living a more sustainable, conscientious, and a back-to-basics lifestyle.

Is a small town, corn fed Georgia boy who grew up near Savannah. After high school, he became a US Marine and has traveled around the world because of it. He attends Darton College while he's not at work. He absolutely adores Japanese culture and food. He most enjoys a good read and being a couch potato.

Is half-Japanese, was born in Iwakuni, and was raised all over the US and Japan. She is to receive her BS Environmental Resource Management from California State University Bakersfield and GIS Certificate from University of West Florida but will always be an SDSU Aztec at heart. She most enjoys crafting, DIY, and doing things outdoors.

Dixie and Dolly. Dixie is a 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer from San Diego, she is our spastic wildchild. Dolly is a 7 year old cuddle bug Toy Poodle we found during a storm our first year in Okinawa, her former owners had abandoned her so we adopted her.