Monday, August 19, 2013

Obsessed: Uruma Gelato

If there is one thing the two of us thoroughly enjoy it's good gelato. Although, the ever popular Blue Seal is delicious it is not gelato. Gelato differs from regular ice cream in that it doesn't contain as much air in it and is soft ice cream not intended to be served frozen solid or hard. It's amazing. 

Uruma Gelato is located off of the 37 about 15 minutes south of Courtney and it's amazing. The gelato is made on site and from what I understand, entirely local ingredients. The have an array of standard flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and milk--not to be confused with vanilla--to the surprisingly unique red pepper, parsley, rum, Okinawa sea salt, and a few others. Hands down winning flavors in the house are the organic tea, shikuwasa (commonly known as hirami lemon), and chocolate. Their gelato is soft, not extremely sweet, and has just the right amount of ice crystals. To top it off it has an epic view of the Kinbu Bay and Ikei-Miyaji-Hamahiga Islands. Basically it's amazing. 

Directions from Kadena Gate 2
1. Go out Gate 2 
2. Turn LEFT onto the 330
3. Continue STRAIGHT the 330 will turn into the 75
4. Turn RIGHT onto the 85
5. Turn LEFT onto the 33
6. Turn RIGHT once you hit the ocean, you will now be on the 37
7. Uruma Gelato will be on your RIGHT on the first floor of a two story building with other shops and Cafe Ukulele

*Will update this post with pictures the next time I go. 

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