Monday, August 5, 2013

Driving to Kouri Island

We took the "long way" (the 58), up to Kouri Island. I think most who have driven on Okinawa can agree it's incredibly stressful and we all have our share of crazy experiences on driving out here. Lucky for me, Madison drove on this particular day. It made it a lot easier to spot the random beaches and look outs that dot the 58 going north--all the ones Madison typically misses because he's got his head buried in a book. I have no idea how he can read in the car I get motion sick just looking down at times. Kouri Island is about a little bit over an hours drive from our house and is just a very small quiet island dotted with farm fields, homes, and a few restaurants at the end of the bridge. Evidently, sea turtles also nest on this island. 

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