Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Second Hand Coffee and End Table Upcycle

The great thing about Okinawa has been that we've been able to acquire high quality used furniture that people would otherwise toss out. With a little effort a lot of things sold out here can be transformed into really amazing pieces. We bought the two end tables secondhand really cheap considering it's solid wood. The glass top were both damaged and will have to be replaced when we get back to the states. The end tables were stained an off orange and we had intended on restaining the entire tables chocolate brown. It was sheer luck that we ended up finding the exact same style coffee table being given away by a completely different person. The person who was giving away the coffee table refused to take money so instead I offered to do maternity pictures for her. 

Instead of going through the trouble of putting multiple layers of stain, with the help of my baby bro, we sanded out the bad scratches and stains and then stained the tops chocolate brown and painted the legs white. They came out gorgeous and I think match the house great. Can't wait to start using them.

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